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Steve welcomes you to this Four Corners Flight America website devoted to his second ‘four corners’ flight around America. Click here to view the photo gallery.

In 2005, Steve flew 10000 miles in 10 days visiting each of the four corners of the lower 48 states of America flying a Young Eagle at each corner - San Diego CA, Bellingham WA, Bangor ME and Key West FL. Details of this epic flight can be found at www.600FY.com

This time the challenge was even greater - to set multiple aviation world speed records and two international transcontinental speed records whilst promoting the charity Flying Scholarships for the Disabled Click here to view the route.


March 2008. The Air League have unanimously selected Steve to be the 2008 winner of the Scott-Farnie Award for his work as founder of GreenHawk Trust and the work he has done promoting FSD in the US and Canada. More details here and here.

The four corners flight was completed in a 'record setting' time flying

* 10019 miles in 7 flying days - 70.6 flying hours

* Averaging 1431 miles each day at 142 mph overall average speed

* 2 International Transcontinental FAI World Speed Records provisionally set

* 28 other FAI International World Speed Records provisionally set

Click here to see Steve's records

But success was hard earned with delays and setbacks continually frustrating Steve . . .

Steve had originally planned to fly his 'four corners' flight around America in May 2007, but unseasonal severe weather meant a change in his flight plans and the 'four corners' flight was postponed until July.

Then a short 'weather window' suddenly appeared allowing Steve to fly a record setting flight from Florida to Canada on the same day that his friend, mentor and double world flight record breaker Polly Vacher set out on her 'Wings around Britain' flight - and both pilots are promoting the UK and US charities Flying Scholarships for the Disabled.

Steve set three new FAI International World Speed Records for 'speed over a recognised course' in Class C-1b - London to New York, Orlando to London and London to Detroit and all in the space of just two days. These records were truly international speed records, although the London involved was in Canada, not England!

Another coincidental link with Polly Vacher's flight around Britain was that Steve ended up finally starting his record setting 'four corners' flight just at the time that Polly was finishing her record breaking flight - and both pilots were promoting Flying Scholarships for the Disabled.


"Third 'Four Corners' Flight America just completed - 13 more FAI world records set including transcontinental record from Freeport (Bahamas) to San Diego, CA (USA). Click here to find out more.

Young eagles Flying Scholarships for the Disabled Rotary Club